The Mid-Market ERP Dilemma

Mid-Market ERP

The Mid-Market ERP Dilemma

SMB’s (Small & Medium- sized businesses) are facing an increased amount of challenges. Companies with 30-500 Employees are almost required to maintain the same degree of complexity as their larger competitors. Thinner margins, doing business internationally, multiple languages, time zones & entities, foreign currencies, managing a complex supply chain, pressure to engage with customers are just a few reasons why SMB’s often look to sophisticated ERP/CRM systems similar to what their competitors use. One central system that manages all business functions sounds good, however what many companies find can be frustrating. Lack of IT staff, budget and time leave many to question…


Are we big enough?

Traditional ERP and CRM systems were designed to be installed on-premise and require hardware, network capacity, security and people to maintain them. Many users also find them to be complicated and cumbersome to use. Is there an affordable solution that could eliminate the need for an on-premise setup and not only streamline existing operations but also seamlessly integrate with future technologies and business initiatives?


We’ve done the research for you!

After 20 years of being a Gold certified Microsoft Partner implementing ERP and CRM systems we have found a software company that is breaking the mold and allowing the SMB market to unlock restraints and drive growth. Acumatica is a flexible, user-friendly and affordable solution that we carefully evaluated and now offer. True cloud technology, superior features and unlimited user pricing are the main reasons we chose to partner with Acumatica. Here are some resources if you’d like to do your own research.


PC Mag gives Acumatica “Excellent” rating along with the Editor’s Choice honor- 2016


2016 Codie Award Winner


2016 IDC Innovator of the Year Award


2015 Nucleus Research Matrix ranking Acumatica as the best in usability



If you are evaluating a new ERP/CRM system then Acumatica should be on your short list. Software Solutions Group, Inc. has implemented hundreds of systems over the past 20 years. For more info about choosing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, call us at 716-568-2040 or email at


By Rick Stefanone, Software Solutions Group,