Success in the manufacturing industry requires producing the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer is willing to pay.

The flexibility to respond to compliance standards and the ever-changing needs of customers, such as providing real-time visibility into global operations, is also imperative for success. Meeting these demands requires the ability to make quick decisions based on accurate data.

Leveraging our manufacturing experience, Software Solutions Group consultants can help provide you a single view into all of your systems with one MRP software product. MRP software delivers the control and insight you need to streamline processes, reduce costs, and take your business to the next level. From the quoting stage through to production, this MRP software is all encompassing so you can manage the ENTIRE process in one platform.

Why Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) Software?

Improved decision making and strategically plan production cycles, improve with BOM management, KPI’s and financial reporting that account for lead times, materials and delivery.

Decrease time and resources while increasing speed and accuracy of order fulfillment.

Manage supply chain effectively with ERP integration to procurement, distributors and transportation logistics.

Eliminate costs of overstocked materials and reduce warehouse space from surplus inventory. Provides real-time view of current inventory and supplies.

Industries We Serve:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Electronic Machinery
  • Industry & Related Products
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Metals
  • Medical Devices
  • Food & Beverage

Key Features:


  • Stay on one platform as you grow
  • Intuitive interface & mobile access from any device
  • Personalized dashboards and integrated reporting engine
  • Forecast sales, schedule resources & capacity requirements
  • Track material & labor costs as you manage your products
  • Compare standard and planned production costs to cost of production

Key Features:

    • Creates insight from built in reporting to sophisticated data analysis
    • Provide flexible production planning
    • Deliver better customer service
    • Meets manufacturing requirements without added complexity
    • Gain visibility into inventory levels
    • Eliminate isolated silos of information

Video: Acumatica: Manufacturing Management

Acumatica Manufacturing Data Sheet


Dynamics GP – Manufacturing Data Sheet

Let our experienced ERP/Manufacturing team guide you in making the best software decisions based on your needs. Call us today for an initial consultation and product demonstration.