Empower your field service and sales force to increase the company’s business performance while helping improve customer satisfaction.

Microsoft tools for field service management allow you to track the activity and results of individual field representatives or teams, identify any issues, and increase performance. When managed with the help of Microsoft solutions, the delivery of field service, maintenance, or sales might yield even better results, and drive more income, than it does today.

Share information

With easy and accurate access to a vast array of information, organizations can provide customers with first-class service, ensuring that the right technician is dispatched with an understanding of the complete history of the customer.

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve customer service and reduce costs with Web-based tools that enable customers to resolve service issues themselves.

Make quick, intelligent business decisions.

Use standard reports and inquiries to track equipment service details, parts usage, and technician labor. Monitor customer call status, response times, and technician workload. Analyze customer and equipment call history, service contract profitability, and vital warranty issues.

Give technicians fast access to maps and directions.

Help ensure on-time arrival through GPS integration with Microsoft MapPoint®.


Reverse a contract or credit a customer a flat or prorated amount when cancelling a contract. Provide visibility across the organization to ensure that the right resource is assigned to the right work order.

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