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CRM for Economic Development


What do you need from a CRM System?

EDO’s tell us that they need a place to capture and share information about organizations in their region. Whether those organizations are targets or recipients of assistance; partner organizations; board members; office holders or media, the need for shared contacts is critical to future business development efforts.
As new initiatives are launched, it is important to log outreach activities and that the right messages have been shared with key companies.
When qualified company seeks assistance, being able to track and share the status of each business development opportunity is key. Reporting on opportunity projects by status, region, jobs, industry, type and investment is a must.
Lastly, once a project is approved, it must be monitored, to be sure that the goals and project reporting requirements are being met.
Our CRM Solution for Economic Development Agencies helps you to:

  • Share company and contact information across your organization
  • Track lead and referrals
  • Log outreach activities
  • Monitor pending and approved projects in your pipeline
  • Track approved projects & Use of Funds
  • Communicate with Partners & Board Members
    • Generate management reports
    • By region
    • Project type
    • Investment
    • Jobs created/retained
    • Industry
    • Type of business
    • MWOB…and more

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CRM for Chamber of Commerce

Membership Organizations provide several challenges for a CRM solution. Attracting new members and retaining existing ones means keeping in touch and finding opportunities for member organizations to take advantage of your service offerings.

  • Membership Management
    Promote membership among targeted organization. Identify membership renewals by month by business developer or by win/loss status. Track membership revenue vs. goals by rep.
  • Event & Sponsorship Management
    Promoting key events, capturing registrations and payments, managing sponsorship sales, attendee check in, and post event follow up can be a major undertaking. Our event marketing and registration solution make your life a lot easier.
  • Event & Meeting Promotion
    Generate email campaigns to members regarding upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities. Provide additional event & sponsorship details via related web site landing pages created with CRM. Direct invitees to your online event registration and payment web site. View participant history in CRM.
  • Business Development
    Identify target businesses; capture sales visits and programs discussed; track new business development opportunities for event sponsorships & membership upgrades and renewals; provide up to date sales reports, view the latest information on manager dashboards.
  • Management Reporting
    Comprehensive management reports and Dashboards provide insight into overall business performance.

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