Foster better decision-making for people across your organization—from warehouse personnel to financial analysts—with self-service business intelligence (BI) that makes it easy to access, share, and use Role Tailored information without support from your IT department.


  • Gain quick visibility and insight into job-specific business intelligence data, such as worksheets, notifications, KPIs, and reports through your Role Center or a web-based dashboard.
  • Effectively manage and access both structured data and unstructured information such as email messages and documents.
  • Use sophisticated analytics based on dimension value hierarchies that reflect your reporting and accounting needs.
  • Deliver critical data and relevant applications to employees, customers, and partners via web-based portals that make it easy to collaborate and share information.
  • Quickly create reports using predefined functions for simple reporting, or online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes for deeper analysis with familiar tools such as Microsoft Office Excel.
  • Generate reports within your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution with SQL Server Reporting Services, build and analyze data warehouses, and organize and use data more efficiently through integration with powerful Microsoft SQL Server.

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