Physician Relationship Management for CRM & Healthcare

Managing the many relationships you have with physicians can be complicated. Information is often scattered in emails, spreadsheets, and phone messages then distributed amongst numerous systems. Physician Relationship Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a CRM for hospitals and multi-location specialty group practices. It allows you to consolidate information from various information systems into one central location accessible by your MS Outlook, mobile phone, tablet/pad or web browser.


The numerous benefits of PRM:

  • Centralize your physician information

Physician Relationship Management provides your CRM users a central place to securely store and manage information regarding your physicians and their office staff. Information such as Specialty, Title, Addresses, Office Hours, Phone Number, Market and Email address can be maintained.

  • Track your initiatives, events and activities

Physician Relationship Management helps you more effectively track interactions with physicians and their staff.  We make it easy for Physician Liaisons to capture meeting notes while in the field. Managers can monitor all interactions with physicians, including email messages, phone calls, events, and meetings. Activities can be tied to initiatives to provide more accurate analysis of whether your initiatives are meeting their ROI goals.

  • Manage Issues

Strengthen your relationships through better management of physician issues. Use the powerful workflow capabilities of Dynamics CRM to notify responsible parties when an issue arises and PRM reports and dashboard to identify trends and take actions to improve your quality of service.

  • Track Provider Referrals

Physician Relationship Management can capture physician referral information from your IT systems allowing PRM users to view referral volumes and payer mix by provider; by month; by market and compare referral trends to outreach efforts with that provider.

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