Mass Modify-Copy Accounts

Mass Modify – Copy GL Accounts

Use the Mass Modify feature to create a new set of GL accounts by copying a set of existing accounts.

Go to Financial > Cards > Mass Modify

For this example, the first three digits of the GL account represent each division of our company. Let’s say a new division is being created within the company, division 115, and needs its own GL accounts. In this scenario, we will copy the existing account range for division 111, from 111-1100-00 to 111-1120-00, to the new division.

  • In the Modify drop-down field, select Copy.
  • In the Account section, select the range of accounts that you want to copy.
  • Use the magnifying glass to search for your accounts in the window below.
  • Click Select
  • Note: This can also be used to copy just one GL account. In this case, enter the same GL account in both the From and To fields.
  • In the New Account Mask field, replace the sections of the account number with the new values for the new accounts.
  • Anything left as a question mark (?) will remain the same as the original account.
  • For this example, I have replaced the first three digits, or my Division, with the new Division identifier, 115.
  • Under Display, mark Selected Range for your range of accounts (previously selected) to appear in the grid at the bottom of the window. This provides you with a preview of the range of accounts you are about to copy.
  • Lastly, click Modify to make your changes.

We now have a new set of new GL accounts for the 115 division.

How to setup corporate credit cards for Payment Processing in AP

1.) Create a Liability Account in GL

  • Ex: 21001 = Accrued Liability – VISA Account or Credit Card Payable
  • Account Class = CASHASSET
  • Type = Liability
  • Post Option = Detail
  • If using multi-currency, assign the currency to the account

2.) Create a Cash Account for it in Cash Account window.

  • Assign a Subaccount

Reclassifying General Ledger Entries in Acumatica:

Reclassifying General Ledger Entries in Acumatica:

The Reclassify Transactions Process in the Financial Module of Acumatica allows users to correct, reclass or edit a General Ledger transaction that has been released and posted. Users can reclassify a General Ledger transition if an amount has been posted to the wrong account number, subaccount or branch on a transaction, and can edit the transaction date or transaction description. (more…)

Auto-Reversing GL Batches in Acumatica

To create a journal entry that automatically reverses in the next period, use Acumatica’s Auto-Reversing feature. By checking a GL Batch as ‘Auto Reversing’, the system will automatically create a reversing entry in the next period. The Transaction Date on reversing entry will be the first day of the reversing period, per your Company’s Financial Calendar. (more…)

Benefit of Dynamics GP – Adding a New Company

By Devon Southall
So you are in need of adding another company to your accounting system or foresee it happening as your company grows. This is something to keep in mind as you search for accounting and financial management software. You want a software product that can grow with you. This is one of the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP. (more…)

Little Known Features – Field Level Security in Dynamics GP

By Adam Martin      
There is a little known feature in Dynamics GP that allows you to go a step beyond the basic security in GP and take it to a more granular level. This is known as Field Level Security. It is found in the GP2013 Starter Pack and all newer versions of Dynamics GP and is an add-on module for those in GP2010 or prior. (more…)

Customer / Vendor ID in Dynamics GP – Naming Methods

By Devon Southall
What are you current Customer /Vendor IDs? Are they working for you? Each ERP system has particular structures that work better for that system. Microsoft Dynamics GP can support various types of ID – numeric, alpha-numeric, mixed and set or variable lengths up to 15 character. But which one is best?
We are going to discuss 3 typical ID structures/methods on factors of Ease of Use and Speed in Dynamics GP for Vendors (but remember that customers would work exactly the same). (more…)

The Plant Floor: Rediscover the Hidden Link in your Supply Chain- Webinar Tuesday, April 9th at 1pm

The Plant Floor: Rediscover the Hidden Link in your Supply Chain-
Webinar Tuesday, April 9th at 1pm

Software Solutions Group and Toward Zero, an industry leader in shop floor connectivity and manufacturing process flow, have teamed up to help you understand how to achieve better visibility into your costs and profitability than ever before.
For the average manufacturing or processing plant, the activity that happens on the floor remains one of the most elusive components to the company’s supply chain.  Accounting practices that have evolved through the industrial revolution remain an age behind the capabilities that are now available.
Join us for a free webinar and join the conversation as they connect the dots from high-level business goals straight through to the heartbeat of the operations and processes of any company.
Tuesday, April 9th at 1pm
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