Mekorma – GP Powers Tools webinar set for July 27th

Wednesday, July 27th at 10am EST

Mekorma – Winthrop GP Power Tools


We will host a free webinar on one of the GP Powers Tools on Wednesday, July 27th at 10am.  Those familiar with the Support Debugging tool that was once a part of Dynamics GP will want to see this webinar.

GPPT Power Tools – Administrator
The Administrator Tool is one of three powerful modules available through Mekorma. This one tool includes Resource Information, Security Information, Logging and Analysis, Company color themes, plus Usability Enhancements, Automated Dex.ini configuration, Directory Control and Troubleshooting tools.
Standard GP Power Tools features such as manual logging, capturing screenshots, email and dex.ini settings also come with any one module you purchase.  

Reserve your space now by clicking the below link:

SSG-Mekorma-GP Power Tools Registration Link