Mass Modify-Copy Accounts

Mass Modify – Copy GL Accounts

Use the Mass Modify feature to create a new set of GL accounts by copying a set of existing accounts.

Go to Financial > Cards > Mass Modify

For this example, the first three digits of the GL account represent each division of our company. Let’s say a new division is being created within the company, division 115, and needs its own GL accounts. In this scenario, we will copy the existing account range for division 111, from 111-1100-00 to 111-1120-00, to the new division.

  • In the Modify drop-down field, select Copy.
  • In the Account section, select the range of accounts that you want to copy.
  • Use the magnifying glass to search for your accounts in the window below.
  • Click Select
  • Note: This can also be used to copy just one GL account. In this case, enter the same GL account in both the From and To fields.
  • In the New Account Mask field, replace the sections of the account number with the new values for the new accounts.
  • Anything left as a question mark (?) will remain the same as the original account.
  • For this example, I have replaced the first three digits, or my Division, with the new Division identifier, 115.
  • Under Display, mark Selected Range for your range of accounts (previously selected) to appear in the grid at the bottom of the window. This provides you with a preview of the range of accounts you are about to copy.
  • Lastly, click Modify to make your changes.

We now have a new set of new GL accounts for the 115 division.