Little Known Features – Field Level Security in Dynamics GP

By Adam Martin      
There is a little known feature in Dynamics GP that allows you to go a step beyond the basic security in GP and take it to a more granular level. This is known as Field Level Security. It is found in the GP2013 Starter Pack and all newer versions of Dynamics GP and is an add-on module for those in GP2010 or prior.
FLS allows you to restrict access to fields on windows by giving you options such as requiring a password and/or disabling or hiding a field – however it doesn’t stop there. We can also disable or require passwords to access the window or a form itself.
There are various security modes available such as:

  • Password Before – Requires a password before accessing the field
  • Password After – Requires a password for changes on a field to be saved
  • Warning Before –The field will be disabled but the user will be prompted with a user message
  • Lock Field / Disable Field – The field is displayed but will not be available for use
  • Hide Field – The field will not be displayed on the window at all
  • Password Window – Must enter the correct password to access the window
  • Password Form – Must enter the correct password to access the form

The security that you set up can be assigned to any GP users by company. This applies to a full, limited or self-serve GP user license. A simple check box next to the user id and company will enable FLS for that user.
Overall, FLS can give you much tighter security in your Dynamics GP software. Just keep in mind that this security is integrated into the windows so disabling or hiding a field may cause a user to think the window is not working properly if they are unaware FLS was activated.