How to copy an Acumatica Generic Inquiry from one tenant to another

Once you’ve created a Generic Inquiry in Acumatica, you can easily copy that inquiry to another tenant – even to a completely different instance of Acumatica.

Use the Clipboard icon at the top of the Generic Inquiry window, and Export to XML.   Use ‘Save As’ to save the xml file to a folder.
Now log in to the tenant that you want to copy the inquiry into.   Using the clipboard icon again in the Generic Inquiry window, you can ‘Import from XML’ by browsing to the file that you previously saved.
This will copy and save the Generic Inquiry in the new tenant.
Be aware that the system will retain the same Screen ID as the original Generic Inquiry.
If you already have a generic inquiry in the destination tenant with that Screen ID, you will get this message:
You can simply edit the xml file (Notepad works) by searching for the screen ID and replacing it with a new screen ID. Then retry the ‘Import from XML’.
You should also be aware that if you import a Generic Inquiry from an XML file that contains an Inquiry Title and Screen ID matching one already in your destination tenant, it will overwrite the original inquiry.