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Mass Modify-Copy Accounts

Mass Modify – Copy GL Accounts Use the Mass Modify feature to create a new set of GL accounts by copying a set of existing accounts. Go to Financial > Cards > Mass Modify For this example, the first three digits of the GL account represent each division of our company. Let’s say a new… Read more »

Benefit of Dynamics GP – Adding a New Company

By Devon Southall   So you are in need of adding another company to your accounting system or foresee it happening as your company grows. This is something to keep in mind as you search for accounting and financial management software. You want a software product that can grow with you. This is one of… Read more »

Little Known Features – Field Level Security in Dynamics GP

By Adam Martin         There is a little known feature in Dynamics GP that allows you to go a step beyond the basic security in GP and take it to a more granular level. This is known as Field Level Security. It is found in the GP2013 Starter Pack and all newer versions of Dynamics… Read more »

Customer / Vendor ID in Dynamics GP – Naming Methods

By Devon Southall   What are you current Customer /Vendor IDs? Are they working for you? Each ERP system has particular structures that work better for that system. Microsoft Dynamics GP can support various types of ID – numeric, alpha-numeric, mixed and set or variable lengths up to 15 character. But which one is best?… Read more »