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How to setup corporate credit cards for Payment Processing in AP

1.) Create a Liability Account in GL Ex: 21001 = Accrued Liability – VISA Account or Credit Card Payable Account Class = CASHASSET Type = Liability Post Option = Detail If using multi-currency, assign the currency to the account 2.) Create a Cash Account for it in Cash Account window. Assign a Subaccount

Reclassifying General Ledger Entries in Acumatica:

Reclassifying General Ledger Entries in Acumatica: The Reclassify Transactions Process in the Financial Module of Acumatica allows users to correct, reclass or edit a General Ledger transaction that has been released and posted. Users can reclassify a General Ledger transition if an amount has been posted to the wrong account number, subaccount or branch on… Read more »

Auto-Reversing GL Batches in Acumatica

To create a journal entry that automatically reverses in the next period, use Acumatica’s Auto-Reversing feature. By checking a GL Batch as ‘Auto Reversing’, the system will automatically create a reversing entry in the next period. The Transaction Date on reversing entry will be the first day of the reversing period, per your Company’s Financial… Read more »

How to Reverse a Journal Entry in Acumatica:

In Acumatica, you can reverse a GL Batch with a simple click. Pull up the Entry that you wish to reverse in the Journal Transaction window.