Benefits of a Customer Portal – Why should you want one?

Self-service is quickly becoming the preferred method of interacting with an organization. How can your organization be “open” 24/7 without actually extending your hours? How can you improve the customer experience and deliver a high quality experience without hiring more support staff or implementing new training programs? Customer Portals are one way that small and medium businesses are staying in touch with customer needs, improving their brand, and staying competitive with larger organizations. And it’s easier than you may think. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of giving your customers access to a customer portal that is integrated with your ERP.
1. Saves time for you and your customers. A customer portal allows a secure and efficient way to get information which bypasses queues and waiting on return calls or emails. Your ERP and Customer Management systems contain the information that your customers are typically looking for. Copies of invoices, due dates, order status, inventory quantity, placing orders, reviewing past orders, initiating or status of a support case are generally at the top of the list when I ask business owners what absorbs most of support staff’s time. A portal enables your customers to get this information without emailing or calling your company.
2. Customer Retention. The reality is that customer loyalty is earned repeatedly. Every interaction a customer or vendor has with your company will either help or hurt that allegiance. In addition to the tasks above a customer portal can also be a great place for accessing a knowledge base and document sharing. Marketing and educational materials, company policies, and FAQ’s can be securely housed within the portal without having to build a separate web page. When setup effectively, a portal will be viewed as a valuable communications and workflow resource.
3. Secure. Every contact with portal access will have a login and password. With a few simple clicks you can tailor the portal experience for each user. Which inventory items are visible, which warehouses they can ship from, or even what shipping methods they can choose are up to you. And since the portal is integrated with your ERP the information will always be up to date.
Providing a customer portal is one way to help justify the conversion from your existing ERP system. It can improve your customer experience, reduce internal tasks and ultimately help you retain existing customers and grow your business. Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP that gives unlimited users. You only pay for the modules you need whether it is one or all of accounting, distribution, customer management, manufacturing, project accounting, payroll, e-commerce or other modules. Software Solutions Group has successfully implemented hundreds of ERP & CRM solutions over the past 20 years.
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By Rick Stefanone, Software Solutions Group,