Benefit of Dynamics GP – Adding a New Company

By Devon Southall
So you are in need of adding another company to your accounting system or foresee it happening as your company grows. This is something to keep in mind as you search for accounting and financial management software. You want a software product that can grow with you. This is one of the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP.
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Dynamics GP has the ability to allow you to add additional companies without need for purchasing additional licensing to do so. It has the built in capability of handling multiple company databases in one GP instance. Dynamics GP’s licenses are based upon the number of users who log on at one time (concurrent) not the number of companies. So if you are using existing finance staff, then you can add as many companies as desired without purchasing anything additional.
There is even the added benefit of setting up a test company within your Dynamics GP system so that when you want to explore the use of more functionality, you can try it in your test company environment without effecting your live company.
OK – so how do you create a new company?   GP has two tools to simplify this process:

  1. First, the GP Utilities program can create the new company as well as copy the user access and security from one of your existing companies.
  2. Next (after completing a few setup tasks), you can use the Professional Service Tool Library (PSTL) to copy setup data from one of your existing companies even choosing which modules you want to copy (Payables, Inventory, Receivables?).

The last step is to create your card data – such as GL Accounts, Customer, Vendors, Items, etc.   There are three options:

  1. Enter the data
  2. If this data is the same as one of your existing companies you can use the Professional Service Tool Library to copy it at the same time as the setup.
  3. Otherwise your Dynamics GP Partner can assist you importing this data.   At Software Solutions Group, we have a “rapid start” template to import standard GP card data for our customers.

Then you are ready to go.