Accounting & Finance- Financial Mgt.

Gain greater visibility into finances and give people across your organization the tools they need to improve financial management, financial forecasting, and accounting throughout your organization.


  • Streamline financial processes and simplify analysis by automatically presenting formerly disparate sources of information in a single, Role Tailored view.
  • Share reports in a business portal on the company intranet, or publish data on your extranet with enhanced security to promote privacy for auditors.
  • Work with familiar software such as Microsoft Office Excel directly in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution and link to ERP data using Microsoft Office applications.
  • Monitor business performance and spot trends with key performance indicators (KPIs), export information into a spreadsheet for further analysis, and access flexible reporting capabilities to present business information in the best format for your audience.
  • Generate real-time reports, close books quickly, and share data with multiple ways to report, analyze, and share information.
  • Expand into other geographies, markets, and industries, and support multiple currencies.


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