Reclassifying General Ledger Entries in Acumatica:

April 22nd, 2019

Reclassifying General Ledger Entries in Acumatica:

The Reclassify Transactions Process in the Financial Module of Acumatica allows users to correct, reclass or edit a General Ledger transaction that has been released and posted. Users can reclassify a General Ledger transition if an amount has been posted to the wrong account number, subaccount or branch on a transaction, and can edit the transaction date or transaction description. Read the rest of this entry »

Auto-Reversing GL Batches in Acumatica

April 8th, 2019

To create a journal entry that automatically reverses in the next period, use Acumatica’s Auto-Reversing feature. By checking a GL Batch as ‘Auto Reversing’, the system will automatically create a reversing entry in the next period. The Transaction Date on reversing entry will be the first day of the reversing period, per your Company’s Financial Calendar.


The reversing entry is generated either when the original entry is posted, or when the original period is closed, depending on the option selected in the GL Preference window:

For the GL Batch shown above, this is the reversing entry that the system created. It is marked as a Reversing Entry and is tagged with the Original Batch Number for easy reference.




*Note: The reversing period will need to be Open for the system to Post the Reversing Entry.

How to Reverse a Journal Entry in Acumatica:

March 28th, 2019

In Acumatica, you can reverse a GL Batch with a simple click.
Pull up the Entry that you wish to reverse in the Journal Transaction window.

Click on Actions->Reverse Batch






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How to copy an Acumatica Generic Inquiry from one tenant to another

March 20th, 2019

Once you’ve created a Generic Inquiry in Acumatica, you can easily copy that inquiry to another tenant – even to a completely different instance of Acumatica.


Use the Clipboard icon at the top of the Generic Inquiry window, and Export to XML.   Use ‘Save As’ to save the xml file to a folder.


Now log in to the tenant that you want to copy the inquiry into.   Using the clipboard icon again in the Generic Inquiry window, you can ‘Import from XML’ by browsing to the file that you previously saved. Read the rest of this entry »